It is well-known that, for a long time, there has not happened anything especially new in the existing technology of pellet production: on one hand, the machines for the production of pellets have become more sophisticated, with more electronics and automation, but on the other, the basis of pellet production on the presses has not changed whatsoever. It is necessary to produce a precise quantity of energy in order to obtain pellet quality from chopped sawdust with a defined granulation and moisture content by pushing the sawdust through the rollers and extruding it through the holes in the matrix presses. All calculations of production costs related to pellet presses are practically the same, i.e., they come down to the input energy, duration of downtimes and lifetime of spareparts – rollers and stencil. The production cost is very often the key thing to show whether a plant will operate profitably and, in extreme cases, will survive or not on the market so, the cost of main spare parts as well as duration of the downtime on the presses are directly related to the capacity. There is no profitable production or even the survival of plants, without a reliable manufacturing and achieving the projected capacity.


Our team has, after long-term tests, come to a complete solution of the problem which we call PELLET+ and which completely eliminates these problems. Our solution is a combination of technological and technical solutions. In technological meaning – it is an application of our original eco-friendly product named „Omega NI-240“. In technical meaning –  it is an application of high-pressure pump with precisely defined spray nozzles. Our solution enables maximum utilization of installed equipment, besides reducing downtimes in production process and the enormous reduction of costs for spare parts (stencils and rollers),our solution enables maximum utilization of installed equipment. It allows larger capacity of the existing transmission systems up to 30% of nominal required for work presses.

The Best Features

The cost of electricity that runs the presses represents one of the major issue in the cost of producing wood pellets. By using our product named „Omega NI-240“ this cost is significantly reduced because for the same quantity od consumed electricity, the capacity increases for 20% to 30% or more.

Apart from a significant increase in capacity, by using our Perla BN agent, dust in pellets is eliminated, brighter colours of pellets are achieved and pellets’ heating value increases.

All improvement that is listed above is available and easily applicable and does not require to stop the production in order to apply it and the effects are noticed immediately. The amount of investment in the equipment that enables all the above mentioned will be paid back in the very short period of time if you calculate less expense for spare parts, reducing downtimes and saving energy. As capacities increases, the saving is higher not only nominally but also in percentage.

So, using the complete PELLET+ solution on the pellet presses, the following is achieved:


Our expert team is at your disposal for any further information. We have experience in projecting and building more than 50 factories for production of pellets and briquettes in Serbia and abroad.